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L'Amiral by Izipizi Studio: optimum protection with 100% UV, category 3 sunglasses. IZIPIZI is launching IZIPIZI STUDIO, a collection born from our curiosity and desire to innovate and bring joy with unique products at an always accessible price. It offers a more specialized universe, very much off the beaten track, with an even bolder style. IZIPIZI Studio's first release is the stylish, unisex and comfortable AMIRAL. This elegant but fresh and cheeky model comes with a touch of humour and character. For this first edition, IZIPIZI has reworked its rectangular lines to add more personality to the frames. Slightly changing the shape to create more of a trapezium and increasing the thickness to add more body has changed everything! This combination of structure and roundness places the AMIRAL at the crossroads of fashion and chic simplicity. Optimum comfort, unambiguous style.

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L #Amiral. : W136 x H37 (in mm)

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